Come visit our new home..

We’ll be phasing out this website in the next short while, as we transition from being Arashi Do Whyte to becoming Method BJJ.  
So if you could please join us over at for any information you might need, that is would be great! 

Hope to see you on the mats at Method soon!

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The Next Chapter

Ok, so here we go.

The end of September marked 10yrs of my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey with Arashi Do and Sylvio Da Matta Behring.

And today is marking the new beginning of my school as Method BJJ.

This is an amicable split with the gentlemen from Arashi Do Behring, who are wishing me well on my new journey, and I am incredibly grateful to them for playing a huge part in the formative years of my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey, as I am grateful to Sylvio Behring for his guidance and teaching, and placing all of my belts on my waist.

For those of you that have been a part of that journey and will continue to be, thank you for being there, and I look forward to sharing the mats with you in the future!

We will be phasing out this website, so instead start looking to (and following!!) at , which will be up sometime in the next week!


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We Have Some BIG NEWS!

Later today, we will be announcing some EXCITING NEWS! Stay tuned…

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No regular classes this week!


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Classes on Canada Day!!

canadian-flag-smallClasses are running as usual on Canada Day!!!

(go here if you need the schedule)

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Open during Spring Break!

Just a reminder, we’ll be open during Spring Break, and there WILL be classes this Friday (Good Friday).

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Great Turnout From Arashi Do Whyte at Submission Ace Winter Gi Classic.


This tournament is a round robin format, which means that everyone had LOTS of matches, and LOTS of chances to see what was working, and what needs work.

Tournaments are an awesome opportunity to “check in”, and see where your jiu jitsu is at against some opponents that you aren’t used to, and are aggressively hunting the submission.

Everyone did a great job, and win or lose, now has a clearer picture of what needs work, and a better notion of how they operate in a high pressure situation.

Great work, everyone!

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Great showing at Submission Series tournament!

Huge congrats to everyone who competed today! Win or lose, everyone got a lot out of their day, and it was great to see everyone’s jiu jitsu do so well!

Quick tally;
Daz, (first tournament!) bronze gi
Katie, bronze gi
Dustin, gold gi, gold no gi
Cristine, gold in gi (and a match and a half with a toe that she thought might’ve been broken!)
Brooklyn, silver gi, gold no gi
Jr, silver gi
Graeme, no hardware today but an awesome showing.

So proud of everyone! Let’s bring more to the next one!


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Edmonton Women’s Open Mat SECOND YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!

23 women from 8 different schools!

23 women from 8 different schools!


So Natalie (prof. Andrew’s wife, and Arashi Do Whyte Blue belt) has had a wee project over the last 2 years, called the Edmonton Women’s Open Mat.

The goal was to bring together women from different schools, and different affiliations, who might only ever meet in competition or not at all, and create a community of support, to help women stick around and thrive in a largely male dominated sport/art, being ambassadors for women in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in each of their represented schools.

Many of these women had never even trained with another woman, or someone their own size!

Almost every month, Natalie would send out emails to all the local schools, explaining her goal, and bit by tiny bit (and fighting no small amount of hesitation from the owners and teachers, wary that this was some scheme to steal their students) she gathered a collection of students representing almost all of the schools in Edmonton and surrounding area.

Aaaaaaand this weekend, 23 of them gathered, from 4 different affiliations, and 8 different schools to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Women’s Open Mat!  They rolled for a couple hours, and then stuck around and ate food together, and lots of new connections were made.  It was such a wonderful thing to watch as an outside observer, and as someone who has watched all the incredible opposition that Natalie has come up against in her pursuit of building this community.

And of course, because I am now constantly armed with my new camera, I took about six thousand pictures!  you can check them out here if you like!

Finally! Natalie gathered some INCREDIBLE sponsors to support this event with some wonderful prizes.  Thank you so much to the sponsors, 8786, Women’s Balance Health, BC Kimonos, NEP Canada ULC, who provided awesome gifts and coupon codes, and to Prof. Mike and Drew for offering free registrations for their tournaments, Mind Body Soul and The Submission Ace Winter Classic.  Please check them all out, to thank them for supporting women in Jiu Jitsu!

-Prof. Andrew

PS, go and make sure to “like” Natalie’s new fbook group for the open mat, here


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Holiday Schedule

Hi all, hope your holidays are going swimmingly!

So, this morning was the first open mat (these are for adult students) of the holiday break, and we’ve got a couple upcoming.

First up, we have our annual New Year’s Eve EVE year end roll out! The last rolls of 2014, happening on Tuesday, Dec. 30 from 7-10pm. This is open to all Arashi Do Students, so we’re hoping for some visitors from the other schools to come roll, to send off 2014!

Next up is Saturday, Jan 3. from 10-12, we have our morning open mat as usual.

Then, on January 4, from 1-5pm the Arashi Do Fort Saskatchewan school is hosting a Roll-a-thon, open to students from all affiliations and schools. This will be another great chance to roll with some people you’ve likely never met. First 2 hours will be gi, second 2 will be no-gi. And if you’ve never done no-gi, I’m sure there will be some people keeping the gi on, OR you could give no-gi a try! I’m sure your grips will be sore after a couple hours anyway! I’d love for the Whyte ave school to make a great showing to support Coach Steve’s event, so I’d love to see you there!

Then, on Tuesday, January 6, 20FIFTEEN!! we will be back to classes as usual. Adult classes, January will be open guard month. (woot woot!!)

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

check out this awesome video from Kit Laughlin on some ways to take care of those chokin, grippin’ hands!


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Reminder! Professor Andrew is in California!

Professor Andrew is in California with Professor Curt attending a bullying prevention conference.

There wll be no classes Friday, November 14th or Tuesday, November 18th.

Classes will resume on Wednesday, November 19th.

See you then!!

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Special Class with Grandmaster Alvaro Barreto and cancelled classes

Ok, so this is the big weekend of our visit from Mestre Sylvio Behring, made more special by the fact that this time, he will be joined by his instructor, 9th degree red belt Grandmaster Alvaro Barreto!

He’ll be joining us the entire weekend for our symposium, grading and seminars, and furthermore, he’ll be teaching a special class tonight for Arashi Do members only, October 23 from 7-830 on chokes, at the Sherwood Park Arashi Do school, (38 Sioux Rd).

As a result all Adult classes (gi, 7-8, and no-gi 8-9) will be cancelled for tonight. Kids classes running as normal.

It would be great to have a strong turnout from the Whyte ave adult classes for this unique opportunity. I’m pretty excited. As far as I know, this is the first time a red belt has even been to Canada.

Also, because I will be in seminars all day, i’ll be on the mats for almost 12 hours between the instructors seminar and the colour belt grading in the evening, there will be no classes at all tomorrow, Friday October 24.

So thats NO ADULT CLASSES tonight, (thursday, 10/23), and
NO CLASSES AT ALL tomorrow night (friday 10/24) and,
NO OPEN MAT on saturday, 10/26

Hope to see a great turnout tonight, and I’ll see lots of you this weekend!
If you have any questions, please call or text me at 780-983-3486 I’ll do my best to get back to you in the midst of the busy-ness.



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Rocky Mountain Classic Competition

The CBJJF (Canadian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) is putting on the Rocky Mountain Classic competition this Saturday in Calgary. You still have time to register! They will have kids’ divisions and adult divisions (men and women) for both Gi and no gi. Registration closes on Friday, September 26 at 11:45 pm. Register HERE!

Hope to see you there!!


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REMINDER!!! Schedule Changes This Week!

As most you know, Professor Andrew is off to the Kids World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship in California.  Here’s a reminder of what’s happening for classes while he’s gone!


Friday – No Classes

Saturday – Open Mat from 10:30am-12pm with Professor Curt Malin at Donnan school  (in the annex between the school and the park)

Tuesday – No noon class. Evening classes as usual taught by Professor Curt.

Wednesday – classes as usual. Professor Andrew will be back!!







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No classes for Canada Day!

Hey all,

There will be no classes today for Canada day, so get out there and enjoy the festivities and incredible weather!

We’ll be back at it tomorrow and starting our guard passing month in the adult classes!

(Oh and tomorrow is my birthday, but don’t worry, I shaved my beard so I actually look YOUNGER by about 15 yrs. Parents, give your kids a heads up that it isn’t a stranger teaching class, it’s still Professor Andrew, just beardless!)

See you Tomorrow!

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Special deal for summer!

Kids Summer Special Poster


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Open mat Saturday January 25, 2014

Adult students!

I’ll be at the sylvan lake reffing tomorrow, so Curt will be hosting the open mat at the dojo at Donnan school on 87 st and 77 ave. (more specifically in the annex between the school and the park).

See you next week!


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Open mat times for January 3-4

Hi all!

Almost back to regular classes, but in the meantime, it would be great to see some of the adult students at the open mats.

First up is tonight (Friday) from 7-9pm, and next is tomorrow (Saturday) from 10-12am.

Hope to see you in!


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Open Mat Times

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays, and the mild weather we’ve been having (rainstorms in december??)

We’ve got a couple open mat sessions for the adult classes in the next couple days that I wanted to give you the heads up on.

tomorrow (friday) night 7-9
Saturday (28th) 10-12
and monday the 30th from 6-9. I’ve been talking to some folks from the other schools, so hopefully we’ll have a good turn out for the last roll of the year!

I’ll post times for next weeks open mat as they get closer, and regular classes will be back on January 7.

See you soon!


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Going West for Saturday’s Open Mat

The usual Saturday Open Mat will not be happening tomorrow morning.

Instead, we’ll be heading over to Arashi Do West (9704 182st – La Perle Shopping Center)  to take part in their Philippines Haiyan Typhoon Relief charity roll-a-thon from 1:30 – 3pm.

Please bring a donation! All monetary donations will be matched by Arashi Do West and sent to the Philippinnes through the Canadian Red Cross.

Hope to see you all there!




West End Charity Event

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Open Mat in Sherwood Park

Just a reminder that there will be no open mat at Arashi Do Whyte this Saturday (Nov. 16th), since Professor Andrew is still away.

Arashi Do Sherwood Park

Arashi Do Sherwood Park


A few people are heading over to Arashi Do Sherwood Park to take part in their open mat. If you are an Arashi Do student, you are welcome to join them on Saturday from 10am-12noon.

All classes will resume on Tuesday, November 19th!!!


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No Open Mat – Competition Instead!

There’s no open mat on Saturday, November 2, 2013!

Professor Andrew and a bunch of the team are heading out to Spruce Grove to the IV Cia Paulista Canada Open tournament.  You should go, too!







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No Kids’ Classes on Halloween!


Mini Monkeys (5:30pm) and Children’s BJJ (6pm) classes are cancelled on Thursday.

Adult BJJ and No Gi classes will be happening as usual, but it may be a skeleton crew (haha) as I know many will be busy handing out candy, wrangling Halloweening children, managing sugar crashes, etc.

Enjoy your Halloween activities, everyone!!



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Fall Symposium and Grading

This weekend is the Fall Symposium and grading with Mestre Sylvio Behring (7th degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Red and Black Belt)!

There are no classes on Friday –  As usual, Professor Andrew is required at the grading for the colour belts on Friday night which means that he isn’t able to teach classes.

Grading prep open mat on Friday 7-9pm – This is an open mat for any adults who are grading that may want to practice their required curriculum. One. Last. Time.



Location –  Please note that here has been a change in location for the weekend. We are now going to be at the new school in Sherwood Park (38 Sioux Road).  I can’t drive anywhere in Sherwood Park  without a map, so here’s one that will help all of us.

Parking!!  This is what Arashi Do Sherwook Park has to say about it:

“Park at the back of the building or behind the building. If there is no parking, use the street or the strip mall across the street. Please don’t park in front of open businesses in the building if possible.”

Schedule –  Please be sure to check the Symposium website here for the complete schedule of events for both Saturday and Sunday.

Finally, I just want to make sure that you all know that Cafe Haven is located down the street from the school, and it just happens to have THE BEST COFFEE IN SHERWOOD PARK.  We are in luck, people!!!

Have a great time this weekend!! And, as always, if you have any questions at all please feel free to contact Professor Andrew.



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August Edmonton Women’s Open Mat

It’s been two months since the Jiu Jitsu Women of Edmonton (and surrounding area) gathered together. We decided to take July off as it seemed we all were busy winding down and getting into the flow of summer.

But it’s August! And I we can’t wait any longer!

If you train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you’re female, 11 years old or older, and you’re in the area – you’re invited!!

Come and roll with us :)

August 2013 WOMStephanie and Jojo are hosting this month at Complete Fitness and Martial Arts in St. Albert.  Here’s a map so you know where you’re going.

And you can join the facebook event here.

See you soon!!


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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is Simultaneously Therapy and a Problem I Need Therapy For

Professor Andrew competing

Click me!

That is the title of a new blog post by Professor Andrew. Haha.

Go on and click the image of him in his snappy blue Panda gi, and you will be magically transported to his blog, Dig Deep Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Go get a little glimpse of how his brain works.

It’s enlightening.



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Caio Terra Seminar = No Open Mat

Caio Terra SeminarThe Caio Terra seminar is happening in Red Deer this Saturday!

Which means, of course, that there will be NO OPEN MAT at Arashi Do Whyte.

If you want to attend the seminar, but don’t have your ticket yet, you still have until 7pm this evening to get one!

Go here. Scroll down. Buy your ticket.


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Closed for Holidays :)


Arashi Do Whyte will be closed for holidays next week. 

There will be no classes from July 9th – 14th.

Classes will resume on Tuesday, July 16th.

Enjoy the break and see you soon!!

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Open Mat Tomorrow with Mike Chandra

Here's Monitor Mike with some of his medal winning students from Arashi Do Sherwood Park. Doesn't he look happy??

Here’s Monitor Mike with some of his medal winning students from Arashi Do Sherwood Park. Doesn’t he look happy??

Because Professor Andrew is in Vancouver this weekend at the Gui Mendes seminar, I’m sure many of you assumed (or were told) that there would be no open mat tomorrow.

You are wrong!! Very wrong!!

Open mat will go ahead as scheduled!

Mike Chandra will be running it from 10am-noon.

Monitor** Mike Chandra, who normally teaches at Arashi Do Sherwood Park, taught all of the classes at Arashi Do Whyte tonight. 

Thanks so much Mike!! Looking forward to next time!

– Natalie

**(Monitor means “instructor” and it’s pronunciation is not unlike the name of this lizard.)

Mike on the mats!! I think this may be the technique he was teaching us tonight. Um... OUCH.

Mike on the mats!! I think this may be the technique he was teaching us tonight. Um… OUCH.

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June Women’s Open Mat and ‘Free The Girls’

The June Women’s Open Mat is happening on Sunday! (June 9th, 2013) We’re hosting this month at Arashi Do Whyte.

We will also be collecting bras. Yes you heard me! BRAS.

You know, those bras in the back of your underwear drawer that you bought but they never did fit quite right? Well, they are bound to fit someone, so we’re collecting them to send to Mozambique to help the organization, Free The Girls.

Click HERE to visit Free The Girls on Facebook.

Click HERE to visit Free The Girls on Facebook.  Learn more about this great organization and how it all works, how you can help and what it’s doing for women in Mozambique.

Free The Girls seeks to offer employment to women who have been rescued from the sex trade. These women are set up with a free shipment of bras to sell in the second hand clothing market. Working in this industry allows women to go to school or care for their children around managing a kiosk. Bras are in high demand in the second hand clothing market and most women can earn 3 to 5 times their community’s minimum wage. They can work with other women in a safe environment with little interaction with men, as many were abused and used by men in their past…”

So come out and roll and bring your bras.  Make a difference in the life of a former slave.

See you on Sunday!

Click HERE to go to the women's open mat facebook event page.

Click HERE to go to the women’s open mat facebook event page.


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